BIG’s woes continues

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH

As we teased, fnatic were playing with two stand-ins in the open qualifiers for the Europe RMR. If you’re a bit confused what that means, it’s basically a qualifier to a qualifier for the big boy.

The Major.

There’s a bunch of them going on in the coming weeks, so if you’re a massive SKADE fan who is gutted they missed out here, don’t fret - they can also fail to qualify three more times.

fnatic went out in 5th-8th, with only four teams qualifying - while smooya himself was on a team called ‘Benched Heroes’, who came in one stage below that. Joining them was another team who had rid themselves of smooya - BIG.

BIG really aren’t doing too hot recently. Admittedly, losing an online BO1 to Wisla Krakow doesn’t mean they’re doomed, but it’s not exactly a great look, either.

Anyway, let’s talk about who did squeeze their way through.

HEET, the old DBL Poney line-up, finished in first place (seeding purposes, it doesn’t really matter as long as you came top four), with AVE, OG and Dignitas coming in after them, in that order.

Man, is it nice to see f0rest still plugging away and making it happen. He couldn’t... could he?

OG were expected to qualify, but it’s still nice that they did so, beating Spirit in a BO3 to finish it off, while AVE are a big question mark.

Coached by starix (yes, that one), they have waterfaLLZ and svyat who you might know, and Porya, sugaR and Raijin that you probably don’t. We say that because they don’t even have pictures on HLTV, and they’ve barely played for orgs we’ve heard of.

Still, they finished in 2nd place, so they’re doing something right. Maybe they’re just channeling that CIS magic that happens at every single Major.

Hell, some unknown team called ‘NAVI’ even WON the last one. Who let that happen?

February 24, 2022

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