BLAST off!

Elliott Griffiths
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In short: olofmeister wasn't enough to stop FaZe from being bottom feeders (shock horror) and EG are back to the complete mess of a team we saw before IEM Summer.

In long form: Basically that, mate. EG and FaZe became the first teams eliminated from BLAST Premier.

Gambit continued their reign of dominance as they pounded Complexity into submission. Remember when we said they'd win the tournament?

They're going to win, the crazy kids.

BIG managed to muscle past G2, also as we predicted - but then got slapped by NaVi in a game that was entirely unpredictable, yet somehow entirely predictable.

BIG now have to take on NiP which is a fun one, but it's all a warm-up for Gambit vs NaVi. Now THAT is a game.

June 17, 2021

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