Boombl4’s 1WIN

Sebastian Lalic
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9 months, 18 different OverDrive leaks, and 1WIN later, Boombl4 has found himself a new team. Oh, wait 1WIN is the new team.

When 1WIN swapped glowing for the highly rated Forester from Entropiq, and Lollipop21k was taken out for NickelBack, the team started to form more of a threat.

Then, they added Boombl4, ex-NAVI, controversial and proven.

Taking on Boombl4 is a controversial decision, given the way he left NAVI wasn’t… ideal (to say the least). Nevertheless, he deserves another chance and 1WIN might just be it.

When you look at the remaining two members of 1WIN, Travis, and deko, the latter has long been the franchise player for the 1WIN org. The kid is unbelievable. His all-time rating is 1.23 on HLTV, and if Boombl4 can bring the experience to unleash deko, the roster move will have paid off.

That doesn’t mean Travis is bad at all, far from it. Travis has held strong in the 1WIN org for three years now, which can only be a sign of reliability.

It doesn’t matter how reliable you are though, deko will be the difference maker. The player that decides if 1WIN can join Spirit and Forze in the ranks of CIS teams or stay right outside of that conversation.

1WIN are in the Paris RMR right now, trying to show their skill.

It hasn’t started well, losing to… a UK team?!? Viperio to be exact. Whether they can recover from such an embarrassment is left to be seen, so keep your eyes on the Paris RMR.

With Travis and NickleBack on one team, the vibes ought to be good.

February 16, 2023

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