Counter-Strike 2: The Squeakquel

Sebastian Lalic
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Illustration by NovaH

We all know all sequels are better than the originals: Terminator 2, The Godfather part 2, Ghostbusters 2, Jaws 2, Caddysha- Oh wait.

Maybe not all sequels are good, which is why it’s a bit worrying to see NVIDIA drivers leaking Counter-Strike 2.

Okay, to be a bit more realistic. The main executable name (the file that launches and runs the game) is “csgos2.exe” which seems to hint at source 2 more than it does an actual sequel. We’ve been tracking source 2 for so long, we have a piece on it from August last year breaking down its pros already!

But since tl;dr is in the name, we’ll tl;dr our tl;dr:

One of the main changes will be the physics, like weapons on the ground. Not nades, though, as they use a different process. (NarT will be relieved)

One of the other major pros is that the Hammer SDK which is used to make community maps, such as Anubis, will have a major overhaul and be more optimised. As it is right now, it’s quite old and buggy so an overhaul would be great.

What Source 2 won't be is a silver bullet for all your problems with the game. MM will still have issues, the five-seven will still be OP and we’ll still suck.

Valve pls buff our aim, tyvm ~readtldr

March 4, 2023

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