Dead teams and sick lineups

Harry Richards
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Recovered from the Major yet? Nope? Neither have we.

But there’s no time for recovery; Blast Premier Fall Finals kicks off on Wednesday, before the Royal Arena opens for 12,000 fans on Friday.

Although there is a catch - Vitality and Liquid are not just bad, they are … there's no other word for it: Dead.

Throw in how good NaVi are looking, and there is the threat that some of the games will be anti-climatic. But this is still Counter-Strike. On LAN. WITH A CROWD. How can you not be hyped?

Key to maintaining that hype might be Heroic, with cadiaN declaring that they “are the only team who can beat” NaVi. And we could get a preview of that as early as Thursday since they’re on the same side of the bracket.

All we need is for NaVi to beat BIG (lol) and Heroic to beat FaZe. By the way, did we mention that ropz's contract is running out?

It might be harsh to karrigan’s boys - the ropz rumours are still just rumours ­– but Heroic have to be heavy favourites after their strong showing at the Major.

It’s definitely not harsh, however, to call the next match-up, Vitality-Liquid, the graveyard derby. EliGE has all-but-confirmed Liquid’s death, saying that they “are making changes” and haven’t even practiced since Stockholm.

And you speedreaders already know about Vitality’s impending Danish conquest. So what will we get when you mix 10 very talented CS:GO pros and 0 f*cks given? Well, maybe - no promises - a sleeper banger.

Okay, there probably won’t be good “fundamentals”. But they're boring anyway. Fundamentals are how you end up with an Astralis era. Instead of that, we'll get Stewie jumping through smokes, FalleN missing quickscopes, and ZywOo being ZywOo. Much better.

Good news though. The Astralis era is gone, but the new kings are here! We get blameF AND k0nfig on debut - a double defib straight into the sleeping giant of Danish CS. We can't wait for the Danish Corner hype.

Plus their matchup is a double debut, against NIP with es3tag. But dev1ce has been playing this rivalry down, calling Astralis “just another team”. And that’s after beating them 16-1 at the Major. Ouch.

BLAST is obviously gonna slap. That's a promise.

Day 1 matchups:

  • NaVi vs BIG
  • Heroic vs FaZe
  • Liquid vs Vitality
  • NiP vs Astralis
November 21, 2021

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