Dev1ce fires some shots

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: NIP

If by some miracle you missed the news, then we will never forgive you for not reading our special newsletter we sent out Saturday morning.

Dev1ce has signed for NiP. That's not a punchline, that's not some weird clickbait thing we're doing for clicks. It's literally happened. You can check HLTV, check dev1ce's twitter... he's there. A Danish player on NiP, and it's freaking Dev1ce.

dev1ce! On NiP! What in s1mple name is going on?

Turns out that Astralis really are falling apart, and couldn't convince their now ex-star player to stay on with a new deal. With device living in Stockholm, it turns out NiP was the only place he wanted to go.

He's been throwing some shade Astralis' way in NiP's vlogs, where he claims NiP are 'maybe 5 steps ahead' of Astralis and that Astralis were just 'lucky with timings and the way they read the meta'. That... sounds like something we would say because we were annoyed that they were winning tournaments.

Seems like even he thought Dev1ce's playstyle on Astralis was boring.

So uh, what the hell are Astralis going to do? They've lost their best player, Bubzkji is replacing him for now - but surely the rest of the team is going to blow up. Maybe they can sign nawwk...

Look, we love Bubzkji. We think he's bloody great. But... he's not Dev1ce. And more importantly, this isn't the same Astralis. If Gla1ve can transform this team into a Major winner... well, we'll bow down to his supremacy.

April 25, 2021

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