EG once again waste our time

Elliott Griffiths
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Remember... checks watch... four days ago? When we were excited about valde finally leaving OG, even if it was for EG?

Yeah, forget all that. EG are doing something MUCH more boring.

Talks fell apart supposedly due to the fact that EG had to have their roster locked in before the 7th due to BLAST’s roster lock.

Which begs the question, why did they wait so long?

They could have just - and we do apologise for this- rushed the deal over the line, so that they wouldn’t have to use RUSH. Yeah, they’re picking up RUSH. Anticlimactic, huh?

Like, RUSH is fine. He’s not going to push the envelope, he’s not going to test the waters, and the beehives are staying safely unkicked. But EG don’t need solid, they need players, and good ones.

This team becomes a lot, lot less exciting when it’s autimatic, CeRq and Brehze as the stars, instead of Brehze, valde and autimatic with CeRq and Stewie having backseat roles. We’re throughly whelmed, now.

Yeah, yeah, it’s the core that won the Major in 2018 - but it ain’t 2018 any more. This team is just... not exciting for non-Americans at this point.

At least OG’s new IGL isn’t getting screwed immediately. Oh, did we spoil something?

January 6, 2022

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