Finishing the job: KaiR0N is in, CeRq is out and fnatic quits the academy

Sebastian Lalic
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In our previous edition, we tried to cover everything that happened during the break, but a few things either changed or happened right as we published. So here we are to finish the job:

To start off, in our “Cut your Support”-Special we talked about KaiR0N being n0rb3r7’s replacement on Outsiders, and guess what; It’s official!

Although, someone should tell him saying he “plays for Virtus.Pro” won’t help him get into ESL/BLAST events. He’ll just be an Outsider.

Speaking of people who are on the Outside of things: CeRq. We covered CeRq leaving EG in depth already and all that’s changed is that he’s now officially a free agent and he isn’t alone. He’s joined in the realm of teamlessness by fellow AWPer, mantuu. It’s funny how alike they are. Both have eastern European roots spent but have spent most of their time in English-speaking countries, both are bad, and both were benched!

Last but not least, fnatic has decided that academy CS just ain’t it and has released their “rising” roster… who could’ve seen that coming? Well, Peppzor who left the team to join Flusha and JW at EYEBALLERS a short while back, was never replaced which probably should’ve been a red flag.

fnatic themselves claim it’s only a “pause” on the project. Still, we’re skeptical, as they’ve struggled to hold on to talent like regali and the aforementioned Peppzor, so how could they ever use it as a development tool for their main roster? Ultimately you want to improve your own team and not your tier 2 competitors - no matter how good the buyout cash is.

That’s it for us playing catch up, you should be as up-to-date as Ropz’s utility.

January 8, 2023

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