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Harry Richards
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: fnatic

Last month we wrote that nicoodoz was “surely out of reach” for FNATIC, “unless they just buy all of CPH Flames”.

And we were wrong. Look, our job is to be funny, not prophets.

But we were half right — FNATIC have announced the signing of not only now-verified AWPer nicoodoz but roeJ too, of 🙂 and entry-fragging fame.

Given they’re keeping KRIMZ, all they need now is an in-game-leader.

Or do they? They also announced that mezii will be the team’s captain for the foreseeable future, which makes finding a 5th player much easier but winning games much harder.

Look, mezii is amazing at everything else so he’ll probably be a great IGL too. But how often does making your best player the IGL work?

Even after an unhealthy dose of Brit-bias copium we can’t see why he’d do this long-term, so it’s still fairly likely FNATIC’s eventual 5th will be an IGL.

HooXi seems to be going elsewhere, otherwise he’d have been announced with his ex-CPH Flames teammates. So where can FNATIC look?

A move for Aleksib would be fun — and NiKo-endorsed*.* As would one for MSL. Yes, we’re still trying to get him a team.

MOUZ NXT’s siuhy probably deserves a shot somewhere. And that alex guy is decent. Not him, the Spanish one.

Who bloody knows. But please, no more academy players or trialists.

All we’re asking is that FNATIC give this roster the luxury the old one didn’t get: a stable period with no roster changes after two events. Fat chance.

June 5, 2022

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