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The CSPPA, or the Ceaselessly Shady Professional Players Association as Thorin would call them, were accused of acting as an agency to players by FLASHPOINT, last week, as you know, right? We told you all about it in the newsletter, so if you don't know, then you ignored us. We're not upset. Honestly.

CSPPA basically cast it aside as 'giving free advice', essentially saying "we didn't do it, but if we did, it's normal in other sports" which definitely isn't suspect at all. It reminds us of when OJ Simpson wrote a book called "If I Did It".

We were harsh on FLASHPOINT because it seemed they were standing on shaky ground, but when HLTV are sticking up for Thorin's side, something is up.

HLTV's Luis Mira suggests that the site has seen evidence that personnel at CSPPA WERE involved in the Heroic/FunPlus Phoenix deal and a large part of the reason the deal fell through, with es3tag joining Astralis. FunPlus Phoenix were forced into rebirth before they even came alive, which makes the name oh so fitting.

Here's the cookie cutter explanation: CSPPA has senior members that are also working for Danish Elite Athletes Association, which already is an oxymoron, and they got some money for representing players. While the CSPPA deny that those senior members represented anyone but Astralis (but wait, didn't you say you weren't acting as agents earlier?), HLTV believe that to be lies too.

Team owners, notably the Vitality owner, have called out the CSPPA for their Conflict of Interest and all-round opacity, but when did an employer really like their employees unionizing?

July 5, 2020

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