NaVi are dead

Elliott Griffiths
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NaVi are dead

Illustration by NovaH.

When we said that G2 would be the best team in the world, you might have thought “do NaVi play Fortnite now?”.

Well, sort of - they certainly weren’t playing Counter-Strike on Saturday. MIBR and Astralis ensured that not only did NaVi lose face and finish last, but s1mple also lost a knife.

You might be wondering how this happened; and honestly, we were hoping you’d tell us. s1mple claims there was some connection issues, but maybe he just meant he was having issues connecting AWP shots with enemy players.

Youngster brnz4n really put his name in the spotlight with an electric performance against NaVi, but wasn’t able to drag his team past third place in the group. NaVi dropped out last, and they’re playing... well, we don’t want to spoil it just yet. Clickbait!

So are NaVi just a dead team now?

Yes. Next question?

Well, the good news is that OG with nexa are looking superb - and nexa himself has been going mad. No, like, he’s the highest rated player at the event. Maybe NiKo really was holding him back after all?

They bodied Astralis in the final game, in the first game and sandwiched between that they did what NaVi couldn’t and took down MIBR. Astralis showed the same inconsistencies that worry us with this roster, and never looked like troubling OG.

January 30, 2022

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