NaVi choose B1T over flamie

Elliott Griffiths
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Before we get too deep into NaVi's roster, you should know that it's, at least externally for now, only for RMR events, which gives us the perfect opportunity to tell you that FLASHPOINT is now an RMR event.

Why do we want to tell you that?

Because North were invited, along with all the other big teams. aizyesque still doesn't believe they've gone; he's hardstuck at the denial phase.

Anyway, on to the main story - flamie is out with B1t coming in, just as we all suspected. Quite literally. NaVi think they're being slick pretending this is a new development, and it's only for these events. Those of us who are enlightened knew this was coming a while ago.

It might be that they bring back flamie if things go wrong at the RMR events and DreamHack Masters Spring - but if things go wrong there, it might be proof that the decision is kinda moot. Maybe the issue lies deeper than just one player.

Only time will tell. Unless, of course, you're enlightened, and maybe wrote a newsletter a few weeks ago about that.

April 11, 2021

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