NiKo takes control of G2. “Everything is fine,” says XTQZZZ

Harry Richards
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Remember when we said that NiKo got through IGLs quicker than we got through tubes of Pringles?

Well, it’s confirmed now: Aleksib is out of G2. Not that they, you know, announced it or anything.

Meanwhile, JACKZ gets a 150 second long heartfelt fragmovie/vibecheck. Nobody’s gonna believe Ocelote when he tells his kids he “doesn’t play favourites” now.

Replacing JACKZ is jks, a move which half of CS:GO Twitter has spent arguing about already. “JKS is a lurker, JACKZ is an entry11”, they cry, forgetting that JACKZ has spent every round since NiKo joined holding angles in T-spawn. Nope, no discussion on this one: jks is a far better anchor than JACKZ — on T and CT.

Aleksib’s replacement, however, is a bit more interesting. After getting pied by tabseN (and presumably Snappi as well) G2 have picked up HooXi.

Yeah, the bloke from Copenhagen Flames that passes the 20-kill mark about as often as G2 win finals.

But, listen. It’s a team game. And XTQZZZ has already been on the PR offensive to HLTV, saying that G2 need a looser system than Aleksib provided.

HooXi, apparently, can provide this, as well as moving into the entry pack with huNter to ‘free’ NiKo to lurk just like the good old days (when G2 came 2nd, rather than 8th).

Speaking of NiKo, how will XTQZZZ get Counter-Strikes’ favourite scoreboard-checker and IGL smasher to respect a guy who has a 0.80 rating most events?

Nothing to fear, says XTQZZZ: “I've never seen NiKo looking to call the shots, nor have I seen him contradict the vision of his IGL…I have seen much worse [players for team chemistry than NiKo]”. Well, that’s settled then. All aboard team HooXi.

And we’re on board too. As long as we get to see NiKo’s webcam every time he has to spectate HooXi in a clutch.

Meanwhile, Vitality are also binning off their supportive players. misuutaa is off to Falcons, to be replaced by Spinx.

About three minutes later, apEX took to Twitter to boldly declare  that “now we have Spinx, we have perfect roles”.

Which, to be fair, seems true. apEX and dupreeh back entrying, magisk and Spinx on the wings. But that begs a question: What on earth was the point of all that misuutaa nonsense?

You could tell from the very first game he was less-suited to his roles than we’re suited to repeating our slander to players’ faces. Just wasn’t gonna happen, was it?

Oh, that reminds us. You know what else isn’t gonna happen? dev1ce returning to NIP, at least according to hampus, something practically confirmed by old devve not even being a sub on NIP’s EPL roster.

August 18, 2022

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