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Gijs Verhoeff
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Illustration by Crash_ Source: Movistar Riders

You know, we might have superpowers. All we did was write a story on how smooya might be back on the upswing soon - backed up by thorough research and indisputable facts - and before you can say "Nostradamus" he finds himself benched on Movistar.

So next time you play in the lottery, ask us for the winning numbers, and then don't use those.

To be fair, when we talked about him in our previous edition, we did say there were still major question marks to be put around his personality and mentality, both in and out of the game.

With his ratings being more than sufficient in the last few months, the only logical reason to remove him from the team has to come from something outside of his performance. See where we're going?

The team also put an end to their Estonian adventure and Brazilian endeavour, with shokz and steel joining smooya on the bench. Nice and cozy. Instead, Movistar Riders went back to their spanish roots and picked up SunPayus, dav1g, and Deathzz.

Silver lining to all of this is that our prediction could still ring true, smooya just has to be picked up by a big team now. Let's just say we'd rather not figure out the odds on that bet.

August 15, 2021

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