North 2 announces North 3

Elliott Griffiths
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Remember when North disbanded, and aizy and Kjaerbye announced North 2?

HYENAS disbanded, obviously, and now North 2 have announced North 3. Or South, as they're calling it. It's started almost exactly as you expect.

But first off, the team. tenzkji, aizy, MSL, JUGi and Fessor. Yeah. It's... well, we want to call it underwhelming, but we're worried MSL might come for our throat if we do.

If it's good enough for MSL, it's good enough for us.


Except, it's probably not good enough for MSL. A decent start against Monte Carlo came immediately crashing to earth as they lost to AVE.

Us neither.

Supporting North is like being addicted to heroin. You're always chasing that one high and though you know you'll never get there again, you can't just not support MSL and aizy.

August 26, 2021

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