One More Rumour Round-Up

Harry Richards
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We won’t be here for a little while, so we will round up the big rumours and tie it up when we come back with a ‘so this happened’.

  • The smart speed-readers among you will have noticed that if ropz is going to FaZe, he can’t go to G2. m0NESY is certain to join, with the last spot filled by one of AmaNEk, JaCkz, or Aleksib. Or someone else. Who knows what carlos is cooking.
  • Vitality completed their Last Dance, and - sorry NBK - it really is the last time. They’ve made us wait for confirmation but from 2022 it should be -Kyojin, shox, & XTQZZZ and +Magisk, dupreeh, & zonic.
  • Liquid are also done (finally). Stewie2K, - despite his outstanding tweets - Grim, and FalleN are being moved on. They should be replaced by shox, oSee, & nitr0.

There’s also some tier 2 moves to keep an eye on

  • Extra Salt are ‘targeting’ junior to replace Liquid-bound oSee. Boring, but smart.
  • CPH Flames are becoming Complexity’s new Juggernaut - Jason Lake clearly doesn’t read TLDR.
  • Two-thirds of HAVU’s roster is now major finalists. No, really. Click it.
  • smooya is hinting that he’s relapsed again. Even our Brit bias can’t extend to defending blowing up such a promising team up this fast, smoo. Pls be bait.

Meanwhile in tier 3, fer, fnx and falleN - but not coldzera - are trying to get back together. We doubt we’ll be seeing much of them - unless WePlay are bringing out a Seniors league to match their Juniors division.

December 20, 2021

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