Return of the Markus

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: Endpoint

After Kjaerbye announced his retirement in June last year, there were a lot of people who thought he might have quit too early.

There were some who thought he retired as soon as he joined North.

But he’s back - perhaps unsurprisingly - and had been looking for a team for a short while. He was a potential stand-in for Heroic for a little while, but he’s finally found a home for real.

And it’s… not quite somewhere you would expect.

He’s taking what was BOROS’ spot on Endpoint. With MiGHTYMAX, Surreal, CRUC1AL, and Nertz. Yeah, really.

The more we think about the move, the more we like it. Kjaerbye has been out of the game for a little while, and it would be a massive risk for a top team to take. But for Endpoint, it’s less of a risk.

They get a player whose peak is - let’s not forget - Major MVP level. For a team whose last few players have been complete unknowns before joining, that’s an exciting prospect.

Kjaerbye gets a team built around him to show what he can do and gets to ‘warm up’ back into tier one via Endpoint. If he goes off, Endpoint have already shown they can potentially be a good team. If he doesn’t, then, well, he can chill until he’s back.

We’ve seen how good flameZ and BOROS looked in this Endpoint team, as well as mezii’s rapid improvement in this role; so this is a perfect role for Kjaerbye to prove himself again.

We’re watching with quiet excitement. If anyone can save UKCS, it’s a Dane.

June 9, 2022

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