Spirit went out with a beautiful bang

Elliott Griffiths
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We left you right before the last two quarter-finals; so let’s pick up where we left off.

Spinx and hades joined forces to bring the hammer down on Copenhagen Flames in a very convincing victory - the games weren’t blowouts, but ENCE always felt in control.

We’d love to write a joke about that game, but it was so cookie-cutter we found it hard to remember. That, and all the Belgian beer.

A more memorable game was Natus Vincere vs Heroic; ‘cause it was a banger. s1mple started cold on map one and two, with Heroic looking clean and tidy on Inferno; but his old friend electronic cut the Danes to ribbons on Ancient.

NaVi picked up nine T rounds on Ancient. That’s how that game went.

s1mple came alive on Nuke, but even so, was overshadowed by a vintage shutdown performance from electronic. If this is electronic’s last dance on NaVi, it’s a bloody sexy one, like one of the Spanish ones they have on Strictly Come Dancing.

Don’t ask.

At least we got a new s1mple GIF out of the whole debacle. After cadiaN got blinded by a flashbang in an important clutch, s1mple decided to mock him on stage:

Source: ESL

s1mple was back in nuclear form in the semi-final though, as he pulled a samurai sword out and dropkicked it down ENCE’s neck. Just the 58 kills in these two maps today, sir?

There’s not much else to say there - while FaZe vs Spirit was a mad game.

FaZe flew out of the blocks and looked like they might run away with it. However, Spirit held their nerve to bring FaZe to round 29 on Mirage where, in the most back-and-forth round we’ve seen in a long while, ropz won a clutch with less than a second left.

Dust 2, though, saw one of Spirit’s fabled CT side lockdowns, as they turned a 8-12 deficit into a 14-12 lead but let it slip into OT. And then double OT. And then triple OT…

This game was full of crazy rounds, but none more so than this dastardly takedown of FaZe from the lone ranger magixx.

Sadly, it wasn’t quite enough; Spirit dropped multiple map points to deny us the third map we all deserved. A ludicrous game, regardless and one that might be worth a rewatch or at the very least the highlights.

But first… FaZe vs NaVi in the Major final. Hell f*cking yeah.

May 22, 2022

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