The real meaning of CCT

Sebastian Lalic
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Some say CCT stands for Champion of Champions Tour, but we all know it actually stands for CounterStrike Cluster Tfuck.

We’re not making a slight on the quality of CS on display, not at all. The games have been high-quality entertainment. The problem is CCT has been on at the same time as the RMR, hence the Cluster Fuck.

For example, the Eternal Fire boys found themselves competing on two fronts, playing three important BO3s a day. yet they still made the finals of CCT and qualified for the real RMR. Fair play.

It’s a better result than our disappointment of the event, Team Spirit. Despite all their talent, they just weren’t able to make it work. They destroyed sprout in their opening game 16:5 on Anubis, but lost their next two BO3s and weren’t on the pace. Patsi especially struggled to find the space crucial to Spirits’ system when normally he makes it look easy. No chopper thumbs-ups at this event, you have to earn those.

Finally, well, The Final.

The previously mentioned Eternal Fire faced Bad News Eagles. BNE is a team that, since signing Devilwalk as their coach, has seemed to take a step up. They’re more consistent in more events, not just the major.

Unfortunately for the Eagles, the power of the XANTARES peek is simply unstoppable.

The Eternal Fire flame is bright at the moment, despite their weird roster moves. Winning this event is the cherry on top of their Major qualification and ESL Challenger run that got them into Pro League.

Eternal Fire is on a mission to prove Turkish CS isn’t dead, and we’re all for it.

February 19, 2023

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