Top teams went player shopping

Elliott Griffiths

Illustration by ANDYJ. Source: PGL / Luc Bouchon, PGL / Joao Ferreira, and Movistar Riders

Vitality were the big story last time we had a big roster shuffle because, well, they signed dupreeh and Magisk. Like, actually. They did that. That wasn’t a fever dream.

It went as well as a lot of people expected.

‘Communication issues’ is the usual excuse that Vitality copium huffers go with, rather than a lack of firepower or role confusion that seems quite evident to us enlightened souls.

But they’ve decided to cut misutaaa. He’s been confirmed as a new member of Falcons, after Vitality decided he was the scapegoat who needed sacrificing. Spinx is the rumoured replacement, who is a huge firepower upgrade.

It would likely mean some other roles being shifted around, but Vitality’s roles were messy enough that that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Speaking of which… G2 Esports was quick to move on Aleksib, who remains teamless for now, and JACKZ, who ended up on HEET.

Their replacements? Well, HooXi became the replacement for Aleksib and will likely become the dedicated bottom fragger for the team. We’re so sure of this, because they swapped JACKZ for jks, reportedly. m0NESY, jks, NiKo, huNter. Talk about firepower.

There were murmurs that they were after tabseN and gob b to replace the IGL and coach, but BIG extended their contracts in response. They also released gade (we forgot he was there too, don’t worry) and swapped out tiziaN for k1to.

G2 were also rumoured to pick up another IGL; Snappi. If Spinx is going as expected, then it would make sense, but it seems ENCE are going to be able to hold on to the pieces they want to keep.

If ENCE are selling Spinx, it would explain how they were able to prize SunPayus away from Movistar Riders, supposedly. hades was moved to the bench, and SunPayus is supposed to be his replacement.

The Spaniard AWPer is a CT side machine, similar to Spinx, and replaces some of that outgoing firepower, albeit with a different flavour of gun.

The final big team to make changes - and we use that term lightly - to finish off a roster was fnatic. Their new-look team was rounded out by FASHR, an absolute demon. In tier two and three Counter-Strike, at least.

Rumoured finished rosters:

  • Vitality: Spinx, apEX, ZywOo, Magisk, dupreeh
  • G2 Esports: jks, m0NESY, NiKo, huNter-, HooXi
  • ENCE: SunPayus, Snappi, Maden, Dycha, ??? (Spinx)
  • fnatic: nicoodoz, KRiMZ, mezii, FASHR, roej
  • BIG: tabseN, k1to, Krimbo, syrsoN, faveN
August 14, 2022

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