Were we right? Taking a look at our claims

Gijs Verhoeff
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Back in edition #347, when Richard Lewis dropped an infobomb on us, we looked at some of the frequently claimed claims surrounding Source 2.

Now it’s time to see if we misinformed you or not. Our reputation’s on the line, oh lord.

Source 2 will delete my Dragon Lore! - We deemed it: dubious

And we were right! Looks like skins will port right over with some small cosmetic changes.

Source 2 will make matchmaking better! - We deemed it: not so dubious

It’s hard to say as of now, but we were right about improvements regarding tick rates. Another W.

Mapping will finally become fun again and demos easier to view! - We deemed it: not so dubious

Even Valve agrees Source 2 Hammer is superior, so we can check this one off. Regarding demos, any of you seen anything close to a demo viewer yet? We’ll put that one under “soon”.

Source 2 will make CS harder to run and will majorly change the physics and ruin nades, peeking, bhopping! - We deemed it: dubious

Okay we might be jumping the gun here. There’s not much to say about this so far, although the new smokes do look interesting. To know for sure, we’ll need some hands-on experience.

In short, we think we did pretty well!

We were mostly right with our “backend” guess as regards to changes, with mappers and Valve getting it easier on CS2. But we’ll be honest, we weren’t expecting there to be so many changes like the smokes for example.

Still, plenty to be excited about, and more importantly: Plenty more to come!

March 22, 2023

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