What's wrong with Team Spirit?

Harry Richards
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Remember the fun Team Spirit? The 16-1ing Astralis Team Spirit. The spirit (heh) of Vega Squadron Spirit. Chopper on a Mac-10 Spirit.

Well, that same Spirit got 2-0'd by ENCE. And Heroic. And 2-1'd by Astralis.

Mind you, we did warn you about ENCE aTctually being quite good now on Monday, so obviously we expected that one.

And to be fair to Spirit, they did batter Bad News Bears. So, we can 100% confirm they are somewhere between tier 4 and tier 1. If you want a more precise measurement of where Spirit are at, we’ll need the guy who made Sputnik. This is the real rocket science.

Okay, we might be slightly overreacting. This is two bad results in a row (after being dumped out by FaZe and Heroic at Cologne) but before that, they came 3rd at the Starladder RMR, and 4th at the Akuma EPICLEAGUE one.

They even won the $100,000 Pinnacle Cup II over Endpoint, beating Endpoint and restricting the newest CIS gem - forZe's FL1T - to a 0.97 rating.

They aren’t doing badly, necessarily. They’re just incredibly fun – and we want to see more of their madness.

So please, Spirit, let this be a small blip on the road to victory at Stockholm.

Regards, tl;dr - average Team Spirit enjoyers.

August 19, 2021

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