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January 31, 2022

Bubzkji is making a completely unexpected move, the best team in the world is not who you’d expect and NA might collapse completely.

m0NESY is #1

G2 Esports m0nesy

Illustration by NovaH. Source: G2

We’re ready to love again.

Expectations for G2 were through the roof, and with them winning every game cleanly (coughs), we’re happy to report that G2 are going to win the Major. And m0NESY is going to be the best player in the world.

If he is to do that, though, he’s going to have to take the title off NiKo. Complexity made the mistake of going outside on Nuke, and got slapped straight back to America with their tails between their legs - he picked up 31 kills, and very few of them made it inside the nuclear plant.

G2 crushed NiP in their first meeting, with everyone looking excellent; but m0NESY’s insane reactions and lightning fast flicks caught the eye. He’s not the complete AWPer yet, but mechanically... man, he’s fast.

Their second meeting, though... eesh. NiP went up 15-7 on Mirage and lost in second OT. NiP fans would rather we not talk about that one too much; but good signs for G2 that their firepower is able to slot together.

NiP go through in second after beating BIG, who in turn beat Complexity. Poor Complexity didn’t show anything in the group stage, but do have a chance to take on MIBR to survive.

NiP looked surprisingly solid, with hampus largely leading from the front as they muscled their way past a lacklustre BIG, twice. We will say, though, that BIG aren’t a great BO1 team, and will welcome the chance to play three games in a row next week.

Especially as they play against Evil Geniuses.


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NaVi are dead

Illustration by NovaH.

When we said that G2 would be the best team in the world, you might have thought “do NaVi play Fortnite now?”.

Well, sort of - they certainly weren’t playing Counter-Strike on Saturday. MIBR and Astralis ensured that not only did NaVi lose face and finish last, but s1mple also lost a knife.

You might be wondering how this happened; and honestly, we were hoping you’d tell us. s1mple claims there was some connection issues, but maybe he just meant he was having issues connecting AWP shots with enemy players.

Youngster brnz4n really put his name in the spotlight with an electric performance against NaVi, but wasn’t able to drag his team past third place in the group. NaVi dropped out last, and they’re playing... well, we don’t want to spoil it just yet. Clickbait!

So are NaVi just a dead team now?

Yes. Next question?

Well, the good news is that OG with nexa are looking superb - and nexa himself has been going mad. No, like, he’s the highest rated player at the event. Maybe NiKo really was holding him back after all?

They bodied Astralis in the final game, in the first game and sandwiched between that they did what NaVi couldn’t and took down MIBR. Astralis showed the same inconsistencies that worry us with this roster, and never looked like troubling OG.


Bubzkji is finally free?

Well, this is a weird one.

Bubzkji is free from Astralis’ clutches, but at what cost?

Helmet-donning aficionado Jaxon believes Bubzkji is about to retire to become an analyst on Danish TV - or at least will become a free agent, and is negotiating with Danish TV.

We don’t really know what to say any more; we really thought Bubzkji was going to be great, but Astralis seem to have finally broken the poor kid’s spirit.

Hell, it’s not like it’s a bad job. He’s going to be talking about Counter-Strike for a living, on the tele box. Hard for us to feel too sorry for him, truth be told.

And at least it’s not VALORANT.


Avg. bomb plant fan vs Avg. one tap enjoyer

NiKo prioritising a headshot over bomb plant in CSGO

FaZe are choking again

Illustration by NovaH.

Imagine the scene: FaZe has a 15-7 lead on Inferno over Vitality, a lead that was 12-3 after their T side. At this point, everyone knows what happens next; FaZe loses. Again.

To be fair to FaZe, that wasn’t the case in all of their matches on Sunday; in fact, they ended the day with a win over Vitality that secured first place in their group. But FaZe opened the day badly, barely winning against a struggling Liquid in overtime before their brutal loss to Vitality dropped them to the lower bracket.

They beat both teams again to secure the group and force Liquid into a matchup with NaVi, but what will be remembered from that performance is that inferno match where FaZe couldn’t win on eight attempts including several rounds where they had what seemed like game-ending advantages.

Liquid, meanwhile, weren’t able to beat FaZe twice in overtime in one day, setting themselves up for a clash with NaVi so North American fans are going to have to hope that NaVi’s performance on Saturday is their new standard and they’re actually washed.

Vitality meanwhile escapes having to play on Thursday; instead, they’re set up for a matchup against the winner of the Complexity/MIBR contest which is sure to be a real barn burner.

The final already decided matchup is sure to be almost as exciting, with the struggling BIG and Evil Geniuses facing off. For those who aren’t tracking it, that means all three North American teams could be eliminated on day one. It certainly is a time to be a North American fan.


The Golden Five :(

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  • Aleksib says NiKo doesn’t need micromanaging; Twitter disagrees.
  • Y’all ever get so confident you just buy yourself? nexa, too.
  • LDLC announced their new roster with a dope announcement video.

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